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Wanita lahirkan bayi berupa anak kuda??

Tak dapat dipastikan sama ada benar-benar terjadi atau sebaliknya tapi kalau mengikut The Morning Star, Wanita dari Nigeria telah melahirkan seorang anak yang menyerupai seekor kuda di sebuah gereja

A woman in Nigeria has allegedly given birth to a bizarre looking horse-like creature whilst visiting her church.

The unnamed woman forced the abomination from her womb during an evangelical prayer meeting held in Edo on Tuesday. Witnesses say the woman was a local vegetable vendor who attended the church meeting to see if the minister could cure her of her “barrenness”. Minister Silva Wealth anointed the woman with oils and began praying for her in order to cast out the demons responsible for her lack of fertility. As the congregation excitedly prayed the woman began bleeding from her genital-pocket and went into labour.

A nurse, Veronica Egiebor witnessed the dramatic events.

“She held somebody’s leg with the clothes as she pushed harder for the baby to come out. Then, something dropped and she fell. The thing fell, some people called it a goat but it looked like a horse. It has a long neck and the ears were long.”

“It was exactly like a horse, although it was in a baby form.” Mrs Egiebor stated.

“I can’t describe the object. We have seen people vomit several things during our service but not this type of thing.” Minister Wealth said.

After the creature was birthed Minister Wealth warned his followers to keep clear of the demon, at which point many of the superstitious yokels turned on their heels and fled from the church. The woman was supposedly taken to a medical facility and the grotesque horse-creature was left on the church floor in a puddle of sticky afterbirth. No one attempted to assist the ‘baby’, and it was dead by the time local news agencies arrived to take photographs. The spectacle remained at the church for the evening and was then thrown away the following morning after members of the church said they found it embarrassing.

Apparently miracles are a fairly common occurrence at the World Liberation Ministry, as well as the sensational vomiting which Minister Wealth spoke about there have also been magical transformations.

“We have seen money turned in to tortoises in this church” one parishioner said.

Dr. Jerry Uwaifo, a consultant gynaecologist and medical director of Central Hospital in Benin City was contacted to give a statement on the possibilities of a woman giving birth to a horse.

“God does not perform a miracle in that way. He will not allow a woman to deliver a horse.” Dr. Uwaifo said.

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