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"Train" Legoland dah terbabas??

 Stomper dari Singapore berjaya merakamkan gambar keretapi tergelincir dari landasan di taman tema Legoland yang bakal dibuka tidak lama lagi

The Legoland Express that went off track last Thursday was captured on film by a Stomp reader, but he was told to snuff it out.

The reader, who goes by the nickname GeneralStomp, was apparently told by staff at Legoland, Johor Bahru's newest attraction, to delete the pictures that he had taken of the derailed train.

The train chugs around parts of the 31ha park, which has seven themed sections with about 40 rides. It is scheduled to open officially in less than a week's time on Sep 15.

"I was hoping the system would be well with no hiccups," said GeneralStomp, who sat on the same train earlier but was not affected by the derailment.

He said: "Security prevented me from taking photos and wanted me to delete them from my camera. I was intimidated by them too."

But he decided to share the picture with the local citizen journalism website "for all to take note that their security was high-handed".

"Their desire to shut the public social media out made me want to share it all the more."

"This is not the way to threaten guests," he added.

However, GeneralStomp was pleased with other aspects of the park. He said it was "good overall".

In a statement to AsiaOne, Chris Palmer, Director of Operations at Legoland Malaysia said: "Safety is our No. 1 priority at Legoland. There was an incident on Thursday involving the Legoland Express which is a walking pace train ride around the park. No one was injured in the incident. The issue has been resolved.

"We operate all our rides in line with the Legoland international safety standards.

"The park is not yet open to the public."

Legoland Malaysia is the sixth of its kind and the third largest in the world after Florida and Germany.

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