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Casing iPhone5 yang termahal

With Apples latest iPhone being released later this week, there have been numerous iPhone 5 cases popping up in recent days; however none of them come close to this jewel encrusted case made by the Natural Sapphire Company in New York.

Made from 18-carat white gold, 2,830 Ceylon sapphires, 38 rubies and topped off with a green sapphire, at a cost of $100,000, the designer case is certainly one of the most expensive iPhone accessories around

By the looks of it, NSC cater to people who just aren’t happy with being like everyone else – ‘The industry predicts that Apple will sell an estimated 45 million iPhone 5 units by this coming Holiday season, so though you may be the ‘cool one’ who gets it first, in no short amount of time you will be just another iPhone 5 owner, just like any of the other 44,999,999 owners. So even though the excitement of this new iPhone will last, well, maybe a few months – let The Natural Sapphire Company make your excitement last forever’, they say on their website


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