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Yang mana satu milik anda??

1 The Bang-on Bum
2 The Pear Bum
3 The Apple Bum
4 The Michael Flatley (
5 The Saggy Sue
6 The Saggy Sue
7 The Apple Bum
8 The Saggy Sue
9The Pretty Pert

Pretty Pert: A firm, solid bum that sticks out. sepeti J Lo
The Apple Bum: A very round bottom that sits high up and holds its shape well.seperti Kim Kardashian.
Pear Bum: Soft around the edges with muscle definition near the hips.seperti Kelly Brook

Types of bottoms
Bum deal ... Saggy Sue and more desirable Bang-on Bum and The Michael Flatley
Saggy Sue: Lack of muscle shape or definition means no contours and a saggy look.seperti Tara Reid
The Bang-on Bum: Pert, toned and shapely but doesn’t stick out too much.sepeti Pippa Middleton
The Michael Flatley: Little or no shape – often due to a lack of fat or muscle tone – on slim ladies.seperti Victoria Beckham
Jadi yang mana satu milik anda

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