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Lawak di Sukan Olimpik 2012

Itulah yang terjadi kepada pasukan Olimpik Mesir, dimana bag berjenama Nike manakala zib berjenama Adidas
Tweet yang dihantar oleh salah seorang dari perenang mereka telah kemarahan bagi pihak pengeluar Nike.
mereka telah menghantar amaran kepada atlit tersebut,kerana mendapatkan produk tersebut terus dari China.

Nike sent a letter of warning to the Egyptian Olympic Committee after Ms Khallaf added that the initial attitude of the officials in Cairo was: 'take this or have nothing at all.'
Contacted by the media, the Egyptian Olympic Committee confessed that its uniform supplier had been handing them knockoff goods.

General Mahmoud Ahmed Ali, the president of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, confirmed to the Associated Press: 'We signed with a Chinese distributor in light of Egypt's economic situation.'
He called the fake clothes and footwear 'sufficient' for the Egyptians competing in the games, and suggested that if Nike felt troubled by the violation of its copyright, the company should pursue the supplier in China, not his committee.

In the company's letter to the Egyptian Olympic Committee, Nike warned that it 'consistently acts to protect its brand and actively engages with law enforcement agencies and Customs authorities to stop counterfeit product reaching consumers and athletes


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