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'Apparently, one person was offended by it and the police said it was a public order offence.'
Selepas hampir lapan tahun arca ni dipamerkan di taman persendirian,Polis di Warwickshire memerintahkan
pemilik taman serta pencipta arca ini Richard Jackson untuk memotong "JARI TENGAH" tersebut.
Ini kerana pihak Polis dan Majlis disana telah menerima complaint dari seorang.
'I don't intend to change it though - I'm not a trouble maker and I don't want to offend anyone but at the same time, it's been here for eight years and I don't see why I should have anybody telling me what to change in my garden.

'If everybody else likes it and there's only one complaint in eight years then I don't think it is a public offence, as the majority aren't offended.

'I don't think the policeman wanted to be here as much as I wanted him here, but he did ask me if I could make alterations to it - but I won't.'

Warwickshire Police said if they receive a direct complaint about the hedge they would deal with it proportionately.

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