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Budak nih baru ja 5 tahun

Baru berusia 5 tahun ja, dah medapat pekerjaan! Aku dulu umur 5 tahun nak pi tadika pun tak banyak lagi hehe...memang tak pernah pi tadika pun.Dah tu pulak dia kerja untuk MAIN je pun aka TOY TESTER. untung la budak nih..Game zaman aku dulu apa dia yang best?

 Main combat?
 Beskal chopper, pernah merasa siap ada renda kiri kana handle tuh lagi

The youngster is an official toy tester for TOMY and spends hours playing with the hottest gadgets and games around.

Her job involves testing and rating the products which get sent to her door throughout the year.

The Kent schoolgirl also gets to keep everything she gets sent to add to her toy collection.

'Jessica absolutely loves trying out all of the new toys and she's certainly aware of how lucky she is,' explained her mum Jessica.

'At first she just enjoyed getting new things to play with but now she realises what she's doing and that what she says could impact whether or not a toy actually makes it into the shops.

'She likes the fact that she gets to try things out before other children and that her opinion counts.'

TOMY marketing manager Joanne Gray added: 'We think it is vitally important to get consumer feedback on our products throughout the stages of development.

'That way, we can make sure that when that product arrives on a toy store shelf that it absolutely delivers against expectations.

'This is where Jessica comes in. The only way you can really find out if the toy delivers is by getting an age appropriate kid to play with it.

'It's all about hands on experience so we are really grateful for all of the insights we have gleaned from Jessica and her mum.'

As part of her role, the youngster also makes regular visits to the company's headquarters to play with the best toys on the market.

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