In-Camera HDR Detailed Tutorial

by - Sunday, July 17, 2011

This video explains into depth how to create a photograph that offers an increase in the dynamic range (or higher dynamic range) that is done by using your camera's Multiple Exposure alone rather than using Photomatix HDR (High Dynamic Range) photographic image software, which usually result in unusable garbage due to lack of knowledge in tone mapping. 

Since doing this in-camera offers realistic higher dynamic range than garbage results coming from Photomatix. 

No, you cannot use Auto Exposure Bracketing while Multiple Exposure because with AEB enabled, the Multiple Exposure will be disabled. Enjoy. 

Music: Forest Flower by Chico Hamilton

Multiple Exposure supported camera models:
• D3-Series
• D2-Series
• D700
• D300 / D300s
• D200
• D7000
• D5100
• D90
• D80

Camera models that do not support Multiple Exposure:
• D1-Series
• D100
• D3000
• D3100
• D5000
• D70 / D70s
• D60
• D50
• D40X
• D40

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